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Thursday 16th August 2018


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Stretching out: creora comfort
Feature: 3/9/2007

Enlarge Image click hereTime moves on and the seasons come and go, but some things seem to remain constant - such as the ever-present demand for elastane, otherwise known as spandex.

For years, this durable, stretchy fibre has found itself in underwear, sports clothing and other garments, and as a fall in demand does not seem to be on the cards any time soon, elastane manufacturers must work hard to keep ahead of the competition.

With that in mind, the Hyosung Corporation, already one of the largest manufacturers of elastane and related fibres in the world, has now developed creora comfort, which it claims is the most comfortable elastane ever.

Soft stretch, powerful recovery
The latest release from creora, Hyosung’s branded elastane, creora comfort, is designed to bring soft stretch and powerful recovery for enhanced comfort and a broader size range fit.

The company claims that the fibre also provides excellent hand, superior drape and adds an anti-static property to fabrics it is incorporated into - a new feature in creora elastanes.

Designed to appeal
Increased comfort was a very specific goal for the company during the development of the new fibre, after a round of market research indicated that this is one of the key purchase drivers for consumers, along with fashion, colour and style.

Of course, it wasn't just research that made the new fabric a possibility - it had to be put to the test, too.

Intensive testing
Enlarge Image click hereWith that in mind, creora comfort, underwent an intensive programme of product testing before being released onto the market.

Factors tested included the stretch, recovery, fit, compression, and anti-static properties of the fibre, each one demonstrating that the product is significantly better in overall comfort compared with regular elastane.

Most notably, creora comfort features a high anti-static property and lower heat set level that is unique to this kind of yarn.

A multitude of uses
Enlarge Image click hereThese properties make it particularly useful for intimate apparel, as well as any other garments that would benefit greatly from increased softness, such as sleepwear.

It is also engineered to give greater stretch to fabrics, along with increased softness and drape for the hosiery, socks, sports apparel and ready-to-wear markets.

Creora comfort, will be available in a variety of deniers ranging from fine denier for fine gage knitting to heavier deniers for narrows and waistbands. It is available to buy now.

Author: James Wilkinson
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