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Monday 19th November 2018


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Product Spotlight
Feature: 3/2/2009


From the outside the Ladies Trainer S1P looks like any other fashionable trainer that you would see in a reputable sports shop. Pick it up though and the steel toe cap soon dispels any illusions that this shoe belongs in an aerobics class or on a leisurely shopping trip. This is one tough shoe that just happens to come in a pretty package.

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Ladies Trainer S1P

According to Susan Peverelli UK product sales manager at Sperian Protection, which distributes Timberland PRO products in Europe, this in itself is quite unique. “If you look at the safety footwear that is currently available to women, there aren’t many products available from a brand like Timberland and certainly not in a trainer format. There is safety footwear for women but it’s not very stylish or well-designed, it’s not something that you’d want to be seen in.”


The design and fit of the Ladies Trainer S1P, however, has been developed with women in mind. Susan says: “Until 2008 the majority of footwear at Timberland PRO had been for men, so the idea was not to simply produce a man’s trainer in a ladies size but to come up with a trainer that was specifically designed for women and that had all the features that you would need to protect in the workplace.”


Available in grey/blue and with a design that has apparently been inspired by feminine curves, the appearance of the Ladies Trainer S1P is certainly stylish and something I would happily wear for work or leisure. But can this trainer also feel comfortable and perform? Well, Timberland PRO has certainly thrown enough technology at it in the pursuit.

Susan says: “The combination of suede leather and mesh fabric on the outside of the shoe makes them very breathable and flexible so that when you are working in warm climates your feet don’t get hot and sweaty, whilst the interior fabric lining is designed to keep feet dry and comfortable.”

More technologies ensure that women in the workplace are fully protected and include an anti-static and removable insole lining to reduce foot fatigue, anti-perforation midsoles and a 200 joules steel toe cap. The outsole, a combination of cemented sole construction and Windstorm rubber offer anti-slip and anti-abrasion properties, as well as contact resistance to temperatures as high as 300 degrees centigrade.


A spot of power walking on slippery wet pavements put some of these claims to the test and despite the added weight from the steel toe caps (in 2008 Timberland PRO introduced lighter composite toecaps in some of their ranges) they felt comfortable. After half an hour of exertion my feet were still dry and not any sweatier than I would expect from a regular trainer. One tip though – I am usually a size 6 but I found that the size 7 fit me better.

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When it comes to future developments in ladies footwear at Timberland PRO Susan says: “We have reduced some of our standard Timberland PRO products to a size three from a size six but this is the only ladies trainer we have at the moment and dependent on its success there are plans to increase the range.” 

Author: Catherine Christie
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