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Thursday 16th August 2018


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The total solution
Feature: 3/6/2004

For over a century Michelin has been committed to providing innovative solutions to enable consumers to travel further, with more safety, efficiency and enjoyment. Its passion to contribute to the everyday safety of consumers has led it to develop a comprehensive collection of personal protective equipment.

These high specification and technical products are exclusive to Michelin and are targeted at business to business industrial and services sectors and were presented to the trade at the Safety and Health Exhibition show in Birmingham last month (director-e News, Thursday 03 June).

The range includes products designed to provide maximum protection for the head, body, hands and feet.

“The products have been created to the highest technical specification, combining innovative features with advanced functionality and stylish design”, says Daniela Gould of Michelin Lifestyle.

“They deliver what the Michelin brand has become known and appreciated for world-wide, notably; an unquestionable image of quality, performance, innovation, technology and safety”, she adds.

Safety requirements
The Michelin Equip Collection of personal protective products exceeds the most stringent safety requirements and conforms to all relevant European norms and standards. Provision of products for the head, hands, body and feet ensures a complete solution for individual safety and protection.

Generally, personal protective equipment isn’t renowned for its comfort and style. This is surprising considering the length of time it is worn in a professional capacity.

In order to address these points, extensive research into user requirements was undertaken resulting in the development of products that have been designed, with ergonomics in mind, and that include superior technical features, to today’s highest specifications, to provide maximum comfort and protection.

“The addition of an innovative design style ensures the products not only provide the wearer with comfort and protection, but also makes them look and feel great”, says Daniela Gould. “The new products convey the values associated with the Michelin brand and represent a genuine plus for professionals in the workplace.

“The products are exclusive to Michelin and developed with the intention to become references in their sectors. But their primary vocation is to deliver maximum safety and comfort to consumers everyday in their place of work.

From head to toe
The initial Michelin Equip Collection comprises: head protection – scalp protecting top cap, ear protection, anti-impact protective eyewear and respiratory protection; hand protection – gloves; body protection – workwear, high visibility garments and clothes for severe weather; and foot protection – safety shoes and boots.

Each product conforms to recognised European industry norms and standards and has been tested by leading notified laboratories.

Michelin head protection are designed to protect highly sensitive parts of the body from serious accidents in the workplace. They were designed following in-depth research on ergonomics to ensure maximum functionality, comfort and performance for the wearer.

The protective gloves were developed following a study into different requirements of grip and potential injuries to the hand. These injuries are amongst the most common industrial accidents. The hand protection concept proposed by Michelin, to cater for current handling requirements, is claimed to provide outstanding performance in terms of functionality and comfort while offering maximum dexterity for the wearer.

Michelin’s body protection range includes workwear, high visibility garments and clothes for severe weather. The design style for the Michelin clothing has been developed around a strong visual identity. The use of technical fabrics ensures the extensive range of garments offers high performance in terms of functionality and comfort whilst also looking great.

Enhancing mobility
Safety shoes and boots start from the concept that mobility within the workplace is fundamental. This is why the design of safety footwear, to ensure optimum comfort and protection, is of paramount importance. Enhancing mobility is core to Michelin’s “raison d’ętre”. This is why Michelin has applied its unrivalled know-how and technical expertise to design outstanding high performance safety footwear.

Specially formulated rubber outsoles have been developed based upon Michelin patented tyre designs for maximum traction, durability and safety.

The range will be distributed in Europe by Delta Plus, the official European licensee of Michelin for Personal Protective Equipment. One of the European leaders in the PPE sector, Delta has a presence in 12 European countries.

With a renowned expertise in the protection of people, and a diverse range of services, it is a preferred supplier to the industrial and services sectors.

Delta Plus will distribute the range of Michelin personal protective equipment throughout Europe through specialist distribution channels direct to end-users.
Author: John Gibbon
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