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Tuesday 16th October 2018


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Cassy Marketing put an end to your training trauma
Feature: 3/9/2005

Everyone at some point in their career will come to that essential, unavoidable point when their working week will be suddenly interrupted by the inevitable training day. Schedules will have to be abandoned, phone messages will be piled up on your desk and you may even be faced with travelling an extra distance for group training.

For some, the time away from the desk can be a welcome break and time to switch off and daydream about the weekend or perhaps a tiresome few hours in which you feel the time could be better spent. At the end of training people can often leave feeling jaded, bored and they will have probably learnt little about essential safety factors involved in their profession.

This is why Cassy Marketing Multimedia has come up with a better method for training employees. A way that is quicker, easier, and more accurate which can hold its viewers interest for as long as it takes to get the bare essential facts across.

Out with the old and in with the new

Something as simple as a video or DVD can be used to show viewers exactly what they need to know about safety. There is no room for errors as all of the necessary information has undergone planning and changes to produce a foolproof short film.

Unlike power point presentations, which are now seen as dated, a video/DVD presentation can use visual techniques to capture the watchers interest and to embolden key points, something which a presenter may not be able to do, or may even forget to do.

A five to ten minute multi-media presentation can communicate more vital training information than in any other form of presentation. Many companies are already aware of this, but are still reluctant to produce their own unique presentation.

Instead, money is wasted on off-the-shelf videos that are often out of date and inaccurate due to differences between companies. This is not only dangerous because people are misinformed but also mundane to the watchers and presents the company in an unprofessional light.

Capturing the attention

Managing Director of Cassy Marketing Communications Ltd, Richard Cassy, believes that multi-media presentations can prove a huge advantage to all types of businesses, “Traditional training methods can be tedious, time consuming and often inconsistent. Viewers can just switch off whereas it’s been common knowledge for a long time that watching a presentation on television captures the attention more and for longer.”

“In just a short space of time all of the facts can be put across and there is more chance that they will stick in the mind unlike ‘chalk and talk’ methods or power point which are now dated. It’s easier than people think to develop your own multi-media presentation as we do all the work for the company, all they have to do is supervise and tell us if they are happy with the end result,” commented Richard.

Making cut backs

It’s common for safety equipment to be updated regularly so off the shelf videos often get outdated quickly which can be dangerous. A multi-media presentation can be updated easily. The whole presentation doesn’t have to be altered at all so the company is only paying for a small segment to be altered.

This not only makes a multi-media presentation more cost effective but it cuts out the amount of work to be done by the company, and the amount of time taken up for training in the first place.

“Because our presentations are designed quickly and easily for each individual company, they are tailored to their individual requirements, needs and budgets. We take away the hard work and provide something that actually works and can be used again and again without having to worry about potentially dangerous mistakes being made,” commented Richard.
Author: Rebecca Taylor
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