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Monday 19th November 2018


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An untraditional event for untraditional workwear
Feature: 3/11/2005

The snow was spraying and the adrenaline pumping when Mascot International A/S presented their many exciting news for this autumn. The workwear manufacturer MASCOT had invited distributors and the press to a fashion show in the indoor ski hall in Neuss, Germany in connection with the launch of MASCOT’s new products.

The new products will create quite a stir as they represent something entirely innovative within the workwear business. Here you will find workwear for young people, for leisure time, for the conscious consumer. The smart workwear is inspired by street wear and despite the leisurely appearance, all the functional details of workwear are still present.

When Managing Director, Michael Grosbøl welcomed the distributors to the event, he explained how important it is to keep up with the varying trends, and satisfy the needs of the wearers practically before they arise. “The trend is clear: a smart design matters more and more. This is true not only for the individual employee, but even more so for the companies who wish to create a positive image for themselves through their workwear”, he argued.

The main attraction at the MASCOT event 2005 in Jever Ski Hall was the untraditional catwalk – carried out by ski-instructors whizzing down the slope. The impressive beginning of the show was enough to take your breath away when the hall went dark and 280 excited distributors fixed their eyes on the top of the slope. Suddenly the music started and four sets of reflectors appeared in a spectacular synchronous formation racing down the slope. This was the presentation of MASCOT’s collection of safety workwear, MASCOT® SAFE. One by one MASCOT’s collections were presented and the speaker explained some of the signature features, details and applications of each collection as the skiers reached the bottom of the slope.

MASCOT chose to present the new products to the distributors and the public in an untraditional manner since MASCOT’s new collection MASCOT® YOUNG also is quite untraditional within the workwear business.

The new collection and the product development at MASCOT in general make the garments comfortable to wear and easy to move around in, and thus it was natural to show the garments in action. MASCOT’s slogan is TESTED TO WORK and through the jumps and acrobatics on the slope the garments proved to measure up to this slogan. Product development is a fundamental element of MASCOT:

“In general MASCOT has chosen to concentrate on product development as we believe that this will carry greater and greater importance in the future. In the coming years you will see many new Mascot-products that have taken years to develop, because we have started out with basic research. This is why we have the largest product development department in the business”, Director, Michael Grosbøl elaborated.

There are several reasons why the event was a great success. The form of a ski show as a fashion show had a significant effect, but many other factors contributed to the success. The event took place in connection with the A+A Exhibition where MASCOT was represented with an impressive 280 m² stand. Here the distributors could see all of the MASCOT personnel wearing matching clothes from the new MASCOT® YOUNG collection.

It is very untraditional to stand out like this at an exhibition, but MASCOT received a lot of praise for doing so. Also, the whole atmosphere surrounding the show made the participants feel comfortable. The distributors were welcomed to a genuine after-ski setting with pretzels and hot drinks, and after the fashion show MASCOT hosted a buffet and invited everyone to test their own talents on the ski slope.

The participating distributors were very pleased with the event, and felt that the combination of this and the A+A Exhibition was perfect. And as Michael Grosbøl emphasised in his speech, MASCOT aims at perfection in all aspects: “We expect great things from ourselves as a company. We do not want to follow the standards of workwear, we want to set the standards. We demand professionalism in all aspects – we want to be TESTED TO WORK”.
Author: Rebecca Taylor
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