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Monday 19th November 2018


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MASCOT® International get in touch with its youth at the A+A
Feature: 3/11/2005

Nowadays people tend to find it important to stand out from the masses, and our clothes have become one of the central means to do so. Our clothes are an important part of our appearance, and they signal to our surroundings who we are. Privately, we have lots of opportunities to show our lifestyle through our clothes, but so far this has not in the same way been possible at work.

The Danish, family-owned workwear manufacturer, Mascot International A/S, which has decades of experience as a manufacturer of workwear for all lines of business from trade and industry to transport and production, has now changed this.

MASCOT® has many years of experience in manufacturing classical and traditional workwear. Lately, however, the demand for workwear that helps profile the various users has increased.

A brand new collection called MASCOT® YOUNG, was unveiled to all at the A + A exhibition in October this year which was introduced to meet the requirements of young users who wish to express their personal style, even when they are at work. The new range targets style-conscious young users in services and trade, who want to exchange the traditional workwear with clothes that emphasise their own tastes.

The collection is based on the trend that in recent years fashion wear has come to look like workwear. Here, however, it is the other way around. MASCOT® YOUNG is workwear in design and streetwear in appearance. With a completely new fit, embroideries and prints, we get workwear never before seen at construction sites or in the service sector.

“MASCOT® is a brand that has a philosophy behind it. We have 14 people in marketing which is very unusual but this is because MASCOT® put a lot of thought into what their customers want to see and the type of service they expect,” Dorthe commented.

“MASCOT® YOUNG is a revolutionary new range, there is nothing else like it because we have put so much thought into the design process. All of the changes we have made along the way are from testing the products out on real workers. It’s the little details like velcro pockets and inner pockets that make all the difference. As well as looking very stylish, they provide that essential functionality needed in the work place,” added Dorthe.

It is MASCOT®’s goal to be constantly improving. With more than 17,000 article numbers divided between 12 collections, MASCOT® offers everything anyone could want or need within workwear and safety workwear.

Managing Director, Michael Grosbol was on Mascot’s mammoth stand to tell director-e more about the range, “We want to approach the workwear market in Europe. We looked at what young people were wearing and tried to incorporate this into the design. The look is very much like skaters wear due to the pockets and baggy look. This is very practical for work because it is comfortable, practical and stylish and suits everyone.”

Marketing Coordinator Dorthe Borup Pederson joined MASCOT® straight from University where she studied English and Business Economy along with Marketing in the US. Dorthe hasn’t forgotten her Danish roots and is proud to be representing the MASCOT® brand.
Author: Catherine Christie
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