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Monday 19th November 2018


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Royal Ten Cate launch new products at the A+A
Feature: 3/11/2005

Royal Ten Cate were at the A + A exhibition in Dusseldorf unveiling their latest products to the crowds visiting from all over the world.

The Ten Cate Advanced Textiles group consists of a number of companies that develop, produce and finish high-grade fabrics and other textile materials for professional customers in a variety of markets.

The group supplies advanced textiles for industrial and protective clothing including everything from cloth for tents and awnings, interlinings for the textile industry and labels for the graphic industry.

As well as keeping busy with all that Royal Ten Cate leads the market in high-grade, heat-resistant fabrics, mainly based on fire-retardant, flame-resistant fibres.

Turning up the heat

The company have come on in leaps and bounds in recent months with appearances in the news on director-e on practically a weekly basis.

Ten Cate became one of the largest global players in the protective clothing market after they acquired the American company Southern Mills last year. Their new strong market position in flame retardant fabrics offered Ten Cate Protect multiple opportunities to further strengthen its European market position.

The latest Southern Mills’ collection was on show at the A + A as well as the latest developments in the range of Ten Cate Protect fabrics for work and safety clothing. The new fabric solutions have unique properties which offer multi-risk protection against heat and flame.

Marketing Support Manager for Ten Cate, Esther Brummelhuis told director-e more, “Oasis is the latest protective fabric from Southern Mills. It is a highly engineered fiber blend with a soft lightweight feel as well as offering flexibility for comfort. The fabric is designed to deliver premium protection against molten metal splash, radiant heat and flame. It’s the only product like it.”

As well as Southern Mills products, Royal Ten Cate’s latest innovative developments were on show and causing quite a stir among visitors.

Protecting the nation

The Tecaweld Static-Control® is a heavy-duty, flame retardant and anti-static protection designed for welders. Made from a special mixture of para-aramid, cotton and static-control fibre. The fibre is treated with a Proban® flame retardant finish.

This combination of materials gives heavy welders a fabric with excellent spark resistance and anti-static properties. In addition, the material is both comfortable and hard-wearing as the para-aramid prevents sparks burning holes in the fabric.

“The Tecaweld Static-Control® has been thoroughly tested for its protective properties and has also gone through a lot of testing involving washing and wearing tests,” Esther commented.

Tecastretch® joined the Tecaweld Static-Control® which offers complete comfort with its exceptional stretch ability.

“This fabric sets a new standard in comfort in professional clothing and even after industrial washes the fabric continues to stretch,” said Esther.

“It was developed in order to satisfy the increasing demand for stylish casual clothing. It has about a 20% stretch ability and has excellent shape retention.”

“We have had a positive response to all of our products, I think this shows people have very high expectation of the health and safety industry and that the clothing in this sector has to offer the ultimate in protection as well as incorporating a level of comfort as well which is what we have always strived to achieve at Ten Cate,” added Esther.
Author: Rebecca Taylor
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